National Weekly Slaughter Sheep Review
St. Joseph, MO    Fri May 24, 2019    USDA Market News

National Weekly Slaughter Sheep Review for w/e Friday, May 24, 2019

Comments: Compared to last week, negotiated purchases of slaughter lambs were 
mostly steady on comparable sales. 

Negotiated Purchases:
This Week:  6600      Last Week:  6200      Last Year:  3500

Domestic Slaughter Lambs
Choice and Prime:
  Live Purchases:     Weight        Price             Wtd Avg
                      Range         Range             Price
   Wooled and Shorn   123-177 lbs   135.00-168.00     155.52

Formula Purchases:
Formula purchase information for previously slaughtered lambs (carcass basis)
Weighted Average Weight:            82.80 lbs
Weighted Average Net Price:        295.65
Weighted Average Dressing Percent:  48.98
Comprehensive Information:
Includes all Negotiated & Formula transactions submitted this week (carcass basis)

Weighted Average Weight:            80.64 lbs 
Weighted Average Net Price:        300.97
Weighted Average Dressing Percent:  49.66

Note: Each lot of live basis transactions is converted to carcass basis using 
the estimated dressing percentage packers report for that lot.  For example, 
a live price of $131.30 divided by a dressing percentage of 50.51% equals 
a $259.95 carcass basis price. These converted prices are aggregated with existing
carcass basis prices to determine the weighted average net price.
This report covers transactions reported this week.  Comments and market
conditions include information gathered from voluntary sources.  All prices,
weights, and head counts are gathered through the Livestock Mandatory Reporting

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Source:  USDA Market News Service, St. Joseph, MO

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