Hogs blow sell stops now up? CZ has OLS day9

Speculators and Grain Producers, BUCKLE UP.

I still am very bullish corn and corn spreads only.

Yes this is unusual but So bullish I can't see straight. Feel free to fade. Farmers sell new crop but this can play several ways with commercials. We stand to buy any break. Did July20Dec20 break 2 1/2 c and go OUTSIDE UP?

Try bringing up that chart my freebie traders. CQG users I can help.

WHOA, you sell it because I think they (also) are stuck in the Mud.

He who sells what isn't his'n

Shall deliver or go to prison.

Wheat can go but OLS up there. Oats 5 year highs folks.

So Goes Oats,

So goes Grains? Old trading floor addage.

British Pound getting pounded, 126 handle and I do have Olive buys but be careful under as we may do a $29type crude OLB like few years back. My levels at olive extreme's live are available. Whats an olive worth? OVER OLS has rules so use stop.

CORN SQUEEZE IS ON is opinion as your broker (or you) should have a game plan so clients can at least have a fair shot. Right?

You need to know when to get

Very bullish in what?

US Steel alert today, Tsla has nice looking chart.

Is there a major internet outage?

If your looking to open a 2nd futures account call to pick my brain, no "what is it's."

Find a $350an hour computer geek to crack the code.

Trump rightly slaps Asian programers gift visa's.

Or sign up for levels or even an education to understand what these levels at extremes and why I strongly feel we must PRINT THE TICK.

Think, a big player takes it down to a buy first, flips in size (volume newbies)

Then sucks up all the selling all the way back like Dec Corn.

Frm OLB 3.44 CN, forget CZ

Now up to a set of OLS (to hedge part) 414 and 418.

If blasts over, it more serious which I have been A Stomping Bull in corn two weeks now. Yeah ok longer but Im always early, remember?

Bears- buy puts and on break buy futures?

Watch SMN meal 284 OLB low.

Thats why not bearish beans.

Forget beans and trade pounds, or dollar, tanking a touch or anything else this week.

Everybody wants to short beans in Farmerville.

I think its a trap, or could be down here.

I dont know how insurance payments work but I say take it.

Write off fertilizer in field. Take a tariff charge? See your accountant and if he says yes?

Fire him for not telling you years ago. Trump wrote off, guess, $7Bil but its legal.

This is what .1% does to game income tax.

ILLEGALS- Dems giving them Healthcare! ?

How does this equation work?

Riots in the street? Sanctuary City here had an illegal cut a baby out of young girls womb. Now baby on lifesupport but brain dead.

Until you give a rats tail this, in my opinion, is a collision course to,

Can't say crash.

Who pays for this?

Illegals to get healthcare before US poor people?! I might get in the streets.

Government shutdown this Fall?

Drain the swamp of freeloaders.

I say keep trades clean and dont fall inlove with so use risk stops


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